constants & variables

hi, i'm ace and i like cartoons and video games. also sometimes i draw. owo

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Anonymous asked: say "bear" 97 times and you will become a bear


bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear bear 

You are becoming trickier! Your foolery! You fooled me excellently! You fooled me,I am experiencing negative side effects,however! I am not a bear! Get out of my homestead

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game of the year

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Since it’s out and everything and people have seen it!!! I did the ‘something broke’ page for the paradoxspace site!! 

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me when people think the A stands for Ally

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and there u go

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make me choose: jack, delta, or booker (requested by probablefox)